2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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Contains affiliate links. I ‘may’ earn a tiny commission from any qualified purchases made from provided links.


Dana Rebecca - This necklace is a splurge but once you see Dana Rebecca Designs in person; you’ll be blown away with their quality, beauty, and timeless perfection.

Kendra Scott - The gift sets at Kendra Scott cannot be beat. I know Kendra Scott is a bit mainstream now but it doesn’t negate the fact that her jewelry is gorgeous and approachable for a variety of budgets, and with the versatility of her designs you can wear loud colors or keep it simple.

Dissent Pins - These earrings are perfect for the woman in your life that loves RBG and with the current political climate, what better way to honor the women making changes and being advocates for change that with a gift that not only validates their work but also supports those same organizations through the purchase of the gifts! (50% of profits go to orgs fighting the good fight!)

Men’s Watch - Let’s not forget the men too. This watch is not a fancy Rolex but I love the minimalist design and classic look about it. It doesn’t matter if your man is super stylish or rugged (or both!), I think this watch would look good on any wrist.

Wine and Liquor Accessories

Wine Aerator - For the wine lovers in your life; this aerator is a thoughtful and useful gift. Aerating wine lets the full flavor of the wine emerge quicker by letting the oxidation and evaporation of the less desirable aromas dissipate and only the good stuff is left behind.

Ice sphere molds and Whiskey Stones - If you have a whiskey/scotch/bourbon drinker on your list, do them a favor and get them some ice sphere molds and some stones. These are ideal for keeping your liquor cold without diluting them with water as quickly as traditional ice cubes or crushed ice would do. The stones won’t dilute it at all.

Glassware - If you have someone that might be building their bar collection (I’m 38 and a wine sommelier, I still don’t have a proper fully stocked bar) this glassware set is a great starter for anyone. It covers all the bases and hopefully will steer them towards a proper bar down the line (me included).

Maybe you don’t know many wine enthusiasts but you know someone that wants to become one? Get them this Wine Tasting Party Kit to get them started. If anything else, they can have some fun with some friends while exploring wines and refining their tastes.


We all know people that brag about their Beer Pong skills, so why not take that to the next level and get this Moving Beer Pong Robot. Hitting a moving target might prove them worthy of their bragging or put them right in their place. Either way, it should be fun to watch. And just because it’s called “beer pong” doesn’t mean it can’t be “water pong” or “soda pong”.

This Travel Poster (comes in both United States or World Map versions) is fun for any traveler, or those you think need to travel. I think my kids would like it and I want to encourage them to travel as much as they can. Add a frame and put it on display.

Also these scratch off maps also come in other forms. Like this 100 Movies list (I used to be a film major, I love movies!) or this 100 Books list. There’s something cool about visualizing something you’ve done that I like about these.


I don’t know about you but every holiday season I gravitate towards products that promise warmth whether it be sweaters, blankets, scarves, whatever. A coworker told me about this electric shawl and I’m thinking about how many people I know that would love it. Those who are always cold. Those who are cold no matter how high the heater is turned up or the close to the fireplace they are - I imagine those of us that work in freezing offices might need something like this.

In that same arena… maybe they don’t need a full electric shawl but these usb gloves will at least keep their hands warm while they are typing away in those cold offices.

Do you know a mom(or anyone really) that loves coffee and tea but never gets to drink it before it gets cold? I have to microwave my coffee at least three times before I finish a full cup because I get sidetracked and it is so annoying. I am intrigued by this Ember Temperature Control Mug. It’s a little spendy but if it works, it could be life changing for anyone that leaves their coffee to get cold before finishing it.


I always think food is a great gift. Interesting ingredients to cook with or custom made desserts… feeding people is loving people. Here are a few things I’d love to buy as gifts.

Macarons from Ma-Ka-Rhon look amazing and ssshhhh… I’ll be ordering some for myself because I love macarons, especially ones that look as good as this.

English Muffins from Model Bakery are the most amazing English Muffins on the planet. Anytime I visit Napa I make sure to carve out at least one morning to go to Model Bakery and indulge. It’s a thoughtful and unforgettable gift.

As some of you know, I used to be a Customer Relations Manager for a wine store and the ‘accessories’ store adjacent to it (Oklahoma laws prohibited retail sales of anything non-alcoholic in liquor stores so the stores had to be separate). Part of my job was to curate the cheese selections. That’s when I found Murray’s Cheese and proceeded to spend WAY too much time researching and trying ALL THE CHEESES. Regardless, they sell amazing gifts.


If you know a dog lover please order them some Custom Dog Socks. Seriously, it’s the cutest thing ever!

Subscription Boxes

Okay - I love subscription boxes. Absolutely love them. I have discovered so many new brands and products through my subscription boxes and I love the idea of a gift that gives all year long! I personally subscribe to Popsugar, FabFitFun and The Bouqs Co. But I think some men would love the Men’s FabFitFun box, the Craft Beer Club, and the MenloClub boxes as well. Links to all the fun boxes are below…