How to Pack for a Long Trip

Don't be jealous, I have to travel to a boring place to take a training class required by my day job. I have to be away from my kiddos and husband for 25 nights and I'm going to be missing soccer tryouts, first day of school, school shopping, etc. It's not ideal but I'll make the best of the situation by focusing on my class, my clothes and my (limited) free time.

Oh the packing. I, of course, plan on doing laundry when I'm gone but I want to also take pieces that will work well together and mix & match so I won't get bored with my outfits. Keep in mind my dress code for work and training classes is 'business casual' and that can be interpreted in any number of ways, but here are the items I'm packing.

There's more I want to add as this doesn't include the clothes I'll need to wear on the weekends when I don't have a dress code. It's a start at least.

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Here are my tips:

  1. Scout out your laundry options – sometimes you can get hotels that have washers and dryers available for guest use. Also, look into wash and fold laundry services. It’s usally $2-3/pound and they can turn it around in a day.

  2. Always pack a Tide Stick or Shout wipes. Stains are inevitable but if you pre-treat them you can make your clothes last a little longer. It would be terrible to get a stain on a shirt and not be able to get it out for the whole trip, it would limit options even further.

  3. Accessories – Keep them to a minimum. Some people can’t leave the house without a belt, bracelet, earrings, necklace, etc. that coordinate with each different outfit. Pack the bare minimum; you won’t risk losing them and you can save a little space.

  4. Neutrals – Stick to neutral pants and layering pieces. Use color and print for your tops. This will give you more mix & match options and you’ll end up having to pack a lot less.

  5. Layers – despite the weather, always pack a light layer to avoid having to go out and shop while you’re away. I love those rain jackets that fold up into small pocket size packages. Also, if you’re spending time indoors, sometimes people can be a little too aggressive with the air conditioning. A light sweater will be needed even if you’re traveling to blazing hot Arizona in mid July.