Where I Shop - Top 5 Spring/Summer 2018

Spring2FSummer 2018.png
Disclaimer: This post contains referral links which I receive credit for when someone signs up via the links provided.

Lately I've been trying to find what my personal style is. Since losing almost 80lbs, I have found that I enjoy clothes shopping A LOT more and finding unique pieces while having fun experimenting with my personal style. Depending on the season, where I'm traveling to, or just my general everyday errand running - my personal style runs the gamut. 

This post is to keep you up to date with where and what I've been shopping for lately. 

1. Rent The Runway Unlimited (referral link)- This is not going to be a long term subscription for me. It's just too pricey ($179/mo), but I committed to trying it for two seasons because I really wanted to explore some of what they had to offer. I've been able to rent some incredible clothes and handbags and I've even purchased a couple things. $179 per month is a lot but considering the quality of the clothes you get and the fact that I was spending a lot more than that when I was purchasing everything I wanted to "try" - I probably ended up saving some money. 

2. SchuShop - This boutique in Albuquerque, New Mexico is right next to my favorite sushi restaurant so when I walked in randomly I had no idea what to expect. I was just waiting to meet the family for dinner. What I found was a truly unique store that sells shoes and accessories. I have purchased 3 pairs of espadrille sandals which are BY FAR the most comfortable shoes to wear when traveling and also they go with everything! If you're not local, I think you can still buy from their website or call them up and order by phone. Get a pair of espadrilles from them, they are like walking on clouds. 

3. {revie} - Again with the espadrilles. I bought some beautiful wedges and a really cute summer dress from this site recently. Revie is owned by an inspiring entrepreneur that I had the pleasure of meeting when she was in college (she babysat my kids!). She impressed me from the moment I met her. She has a vision, drive, and really really cute clothes. Please check it out!

4. StitchFix (referral link)- I know StitchFix has grown so much and the market may be a bit saturated, but I still love it. Grayce, my stylist, pays VERY close attention to what I ask for and will send items that push my boundaries, but 99% of the time, she gets it right and I am constantly trying to find reasons NOT to keep my entire fix every time. StitchFix 

5. TJMaxx - Some people scoff at shopping at discount retailers like TJMaxx, but I love it! I love that I won't ever find something twice. They change their inventory so much, I know that if I find that UGG robe (normally $199 at a department store) on a rack for $49.99, chances are I'm going to miss out. There's a thrill to finding good stuff at TJMaxx. Lately I tour TJMaxx for shoes, home decor, and bedding.

Where have you been shopping lately? Check back in a few weeks to see what my next favorites will be!!!!