My Winter Picks!


I apologize for being gone so long. After spending four weeks in a class during August I had a bunch of personal stuff going on and blogging was literally the last thing on my priority list. Now that work and home have settled down though, I have some great content planned for the change of seasons, the holidays, and some exciting new recipes to share with you. So stay tuned!!!!

First things first though… Anyone else’s weather take a drastic turn the last week or so? I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and one minute we were in the 60-70 degree range and this week our highs were in the 40’s. I had to bust my sweaters out from storage and I quickly realized a few things 1) I have too many sweaters and 2) I have run out of room in my dressers for storing sweaters. Two things I’ll be dealing with soon.

I also went a little crazy with my favorite blogger’s clothing launch in September. I bought a lot of pieces that are in heavy rotation. I also picked out some great items for Winter that I think every woman needs.

  1. Check out the new sweaters at Revie! Morgan is so sweet and her clothes are flipping adorable. I love The Britt Sweater and The Mika Sweater. Check out her site!

  2. Like I said above, I went a little crazy with the Something Navy launch at Nordstrom.

    Links: Turban Beanie, Sweater, Ivory Top, Floral Top

  3. While I was in Chicago I picked up THIS DRESS! It is a little expensive but once I tried it on I knew I had to have it. I actually invested in this dress further because I had it altered but the dress was worth it! It’s beautiful and so flattering. I had it shortened and taken in since I have a “big boob” problem that makes dresses like this fit differently, but no worries; I sized up and got it taken in and shortened. I’m putting this in my winter post even though you could wear it year round. I’ve already paired it with a leather jacket, a blazer, and a cardigan.

  4. And finally, here are some coats that I’ve been obsessing over! I probably won’t be buying them but they are literally in my online shopping carts just taunting me. We’ll see if Santa brings me one this Christmas.

    LInks: Avec Les Filles Notch Collar Faux Fur, Guess Menswear Plaid, and Cole Haan Slick Wrap Coat