Surprising Rosé Food Pairings

One of my hobbies is wine and food pairings. I’ve said that exact statement amongst friends and I get some eye rolls and I end up feeling like a pretentious jerk (note to self: get new friends). The truth is, it’s not pretentious or ostentatious to learn what wine goes with what food. The only thing you end up with is a more enjoyable experience when eating and drinking. Don’t you want to have enjoyable experiences with your food?

With Summer approaching, I find myself drinking rosé more often and it works out because most of the foods I pair with rosé lend themselves to patios, bbqs, and lighter dishes. I tend to drink dry, medium bodied rosé wines and here are 3 foods I like to pair with them.

1. Chips and Guacamole – the quintessential southwestern snack has fat, spice, salt, and savory flavors that work really well with the dry fruity flavors of a rosé.

2. Grilled Vegetables – We grill a lot during the summer and one of favorites to grill are vegetables. Usually a mix of bell peppers, zucchini squash, red onion, and portabello mushrooms. These vegetables are great on their own with a glass of rosé or take it a step further and spread some goat cheese on a slice of baguette and make crostini with the vegetables. The smoky sweet flavors are complimented by the acidity and melon flavors of the wine.

3. Asian Inspired Tacos – Banh Mi tacos are delicious. Smoky pork, spicy chili peppers, and pickled vegetables but instead of heavy bread, a lighter corn tortilla. Find a hipster food truck or make them on your own. Dry rosé will balance the bright spicy flavors.

Traditional pairings are charcuterie boards, grilled fish, grilled chicken, and salads but I challenge you to find something new and different. What do you like to pair with rosé? The bottom line though, eat and drink what tastes good to you and try new things, you might stumble upon something remarkable.